The Team's History


2017 saw, for the first time, us taking two boats to the competition (which was held in St. Tropez, France), a slender mono-hull for the lightweight and a large catamaran for the heavyweight. We successfully got through the qualifying stages and achieved the following positions:

  • Lightweight Race - 6th Overall, Fastest Qualifying time: 00:01:02.1
  • Heavyweight Race - 9th Overall, Fastest Qualifying time: 00:01:54.9
  • Endurance - 3rd Overall, 20 Laps Achieved, roughly 6km


We overcame many problems to get to this stage and hope to learn from any mistakes made in future competitions.

Team Photo


The 2016 team

In 2016, we entered the competition with one boat that would take part in all three races. The contest was a great experience for us, and a successful one. Southampton Hydro Team reached the following positions (out of 24 teams):

  • Lightweight Race – 6th Overall, Fastest Time: 00:01:10
  • Heavyweight Race – 4th Overall, Fastest Time: 00:03:07
  • Endurance Race – Position debated

In addition to these rankings, we were awarded the communication prize (and the accompanying 1500 CHF grant) for our extensive social media and engagement through the year. This is something we will be expanding in 2016/17.



Team 2015 with boat

2015 was the first year the Southampton Hydro Team competed and became the first British team to enter in the contest. The team - consisting of only 8 members - proved it was possible to build a boat for the competition and fix it when they broke down! They managed to achieve foiling on the first attempt and while they didn't place in the contest, they left a legacy that has inspired the teams to come.

foiling in 2015

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