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This year, we are going to release a monthly newsletter starting from February! It will be released on the Friday on the week containing the 14th to correspond with our communication strategy. Get in touch on social media or by emailing to get your email put on the emailing list. If not, stay in touch on the social media to see when it is released on this page of the website. We would love to hear from you!

February 2018

The lightweight team are focusing on solving the problems experienced by the boat at last year’s competition. This is mainly improving the boat’s stability and improving steering and pitch stability through better rudder control.
Along with solving these problems they are also looking into methods to improve the design as a whole, such as developing foils that will provide enough lift to keep the hull out of the water, and improving the hull finish to allow the hull to foil fully much faster.

As for the heavyweight, we are keeping the new design under wraps for now, however the team have allowed me to release a few details to whet your appetite:
• All systems on board will be belt driven.
• The electronics system will be an updated and more reliable version of last year’s design, and will be water cooled.
• The hull will feature “wings” and will be made from composite materials.

The Hydros Foundation have released this year’s competition rules, with the main changes being a change of location to a bay a mile east of Saint-Tropez, and some requirements for waterproofing the electronics to the high IP67 standard, which hopefully won’t prove to be too difficult!

In other news we have some outreach events coming up, first we will be exhibiting at the Southampton Engineering and Science Festival (SOTSEF) on the 10th March which will involve live demonstrations (!!) in the Boldrewood towing tank. We'll be live-streaming some of this so don't worry if you're one of our Norwegian followers and can't make it!

Secondly we will be guest judging science projects made by students of Trafalgar school on the 15th March, this has been a great experience in other years so we are looking forward to this event.

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